Hollister Ranch Stewardship

Hollister RanchThe 14,400-acre Hollister Ranch remains a cattle ranch carrying on a 200+ year tradition of sensitive agriculture. When fully built out, 98% of the Ranch (over 14,000 acres) will continue to be devoted to cattle grazing. The vast amount of open space that results from the cattle operation renders, what in effect is, a wildlife preserve. The prohibition of hunting and motorcycles has resulted in a healthy diversification of flora and fauna native to the area. The Hollister Ranch Conservancy oversees the health of the biosystems found at the Ranch.

Jeff Kruthers is an appointee to a Hollister Ranch organization tasked with reinforcing and correcting perceptions of what the Hollister Ranch is all about. One of Jeff’s assignments was to develop the brochure below that explains the efforts of The Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association to protect and preserve the natural coastal environment that has all but vanished from the remainder of the coastline of Southern California. All photographs were made by Wendie and Jeff Kruthers.

Download the Hollister Ranch Stewardship Brochure (pdf)