What to Look for in a Hollister Ranch Real Estate Agent

Any real estate agent licensed in California can assist a buyer of property at Hollister Ranch. However, the discriminating buyer will take advantage of the most qualified real estate professional available. Anyone can make claims of excellence, so what should you look for in an agent?

Is your agent a licensed broker?  A broker—as opposed to a sales associate—has committed to a much greater degree of education in the practice of real estate. All else being equal and given the option, the choice of a more educated and knowledgeable agent simply makes more sense.

What is the Hollister Ranch experience of your agent? When did your agent first become associated with Hollister Ranch; when did your agent first purchase property at Hollister Ranch; when did your agent begin to sell property at Hollister Ranch; how many Hollister Ranch transactions has your agent completed; what is the extent of your agent’s participation in the affairs of the Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association?

What other properties does your agent sell outside of Hollister Ranch, and how much time is devoted to the sales of other properties? Time spent elsewhere is time that cannot be devoted to clients who are purchasing property at Hollister Ranch.

Is your agent a homeowner at Hollister Ranch, and does the agent live full time at Hollister Ranch? A resident homeowner can offer insights to living at Hollister Ranch that others simply cannot. Hollister Ranch is a unique community with distinctive challenges not found in other locations in California. An absentee owner or a lessee can’t fully appreciate all the complexities of life at Hollister Ranch as can a full time resident homeowner. Furthermore, a home owning agent will be selling property to their future neighbor. The importance of that aspect should go without saying.