Hollister Ranch Information

Hollister Ranch Virtually untouched since the days of the dons, the spectacular 14,400 acre Hollister Ranch is located about 30 minutes up the coast from Santa Barbara off U.S. 101, adjacent to Gaviota State Park. The Ranch consists of 133 one hundred acre, or larger, parcels. The owners share 8 1/2 miles of the private beach frontage which includes the 340 acre Beach Recreational Area where one finds three beach cabanas with parking, picnic areas, BBQ pits, rest rooms and hot showers.

Each of the 100 acre parcels is unique. Most are south facing and have ocean and mountain views. While most parcels are best suited for residential and recreational use, some have agricultural potential. Many properties have electric & telephone service and all weather access. Most parcels have existing water wells which vary considerably in quality and quantity. About 1/3 of the properties are served by three separate water companies.

Hollister RanchOver 100 miles of paved and unpaved roads wind through the entire Hollister Ranch. These common roads include a 200 foot wide corridor allowing plenty of room for hiking or horseback riding. The private beach recreational area offers the exclusive use of 8 1/2 miles of beautiful, natural dry sandy beaches for hiking and riding as well as for sun bathing, swimming, fishing, skin diving, boating, surfing and sailboarding. Hollister Ranch is, in effect, a wildlife preserve. Neither hunting, motorcycles nor jet skis are permitted in order to protect the exceptional tranquility.

The Hollister Ranch Owners' Association (HROA) strives to maintain the natural beauty and integrity of this unique southern California coastal area. The Hollister Ranch is not for everyone. It takes a special person who appreciates preserving the beauty and natural resources. The CC&R's and a design committee, made up of volunteer owners, help to maintain this objective.

The Hollister Ranch is not accessible to the public, and a twenty-four hour guarded gate maintains the privacy of the owners. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Gaviota State Park and other large private ranches, the Hollister Ranch full time security force rarely finds it necessary to deal with uninvited guests.Hollister Ranch

Terrain on the Hollister Ranch varies considerably from parcel to parcel. The topography ranges from grass covered coastal plain to rolling hills and oak forested canyons. The back of the Ranch is chaparral covered sandstone mountain. Most parcels have ocean and island views.

The climate is typical of coastal California. The general daytime temperature range is about 50 degrees to 80 degrees, depending on the season. Summers are warm but seldom hot. Located in the coastal zone, the Hollister Ranch does get fog and wind, yet most days are clear and beautiful. On a clear day one can see 100 miles up and down the coast, the Santa Barbara Channel Islands, and the Santa Ynez coastal mountain range. The smog free views from the wide, open spaces of Hollister Ranch are truly spectacular.

Owners of Hollister Ranch parcels become members of the Hollister Ranch Owners' Association. There is a monthly assessment for each 100 acre parcel that covers manager and employee salaries, maintenance of the common areas (including the common roads and beach cabanas), security, insurance, legal costs, etc. By virtue of membership in the Hollister Ranch (cattle) Cooperative, all parcels are in the Agricultural Preserve, and taxes attributable to the land are generally lower than the taxes on land not in the Agricultural Preserve.

Rainbow over Hollister RanchThere is a maximum of three (3) unrelated families per 100 acre parcel. The property cannot be subdivided. The CC&R's limit each parcel to a maximum of 12 guests per day. Guests are permitted on the Ranch only when the owner is present. (See Co-ownership of Hollister Ranch Parcels)

Prices vary widely depending upon availability, location, topography and improvements. Undeveloped parcels and fully developed estates are available. Partial interests (developed and undeveloped) can also be purchased. While institutional financing is generally available for a 100 acre parcel, lenders are reluctant to loan on an undivided partial interest. Sellers will occasionally provide seller financing. Owners of undivided interests either construct their improvements with cash, or secure a loan with another asset.