Hollister Ranch Owners Association

Hollister Ranch Realty Bulito SunsetThe Hollister Ranch Owners’ Association (HROA) was formed in 1971. Every December the HROA convenes its annual meeting to discuss issues, vote on particular matters and elect a board of five property owner directors to govern the activities on the Ranch for the coming year. A meeting of the Board of Directors is held at least once a month. Additional special meetings are convened from time to time to address specific issues that may arise.

The board employs a manager who in turn hires a staff of approximately 30 employees who serve in the following departments:

In addition to the HROA manager, several staff members work in the Association office that carry out the bookkeeping and communication functions for the membership of property owners. In addition, the Design Committee Coordinator performs her duties here to guide and facilitate the development plans for owners, and the Nature Preservation Supervisor coordinates all of the Ranch’s preservation and conservation activities.

Roads & Facilities
The gentlemen in this department are charged with maintaining the infrastructure of Hollister Ranch. Their primary responsibility is for the care of the125+ mile common road system that winds through Hollister Ranch. Other tasks involve the maintenance of the many structures and other facilities on the three parcels owned by the HROA and responding to emergencies in the two fire engines owned by the Association.

The principal role of the Security staff is to govern access into Hollister Ranch at the entrance gate at Gaviota. Other functions include a patrol of the road system and of the Beach Recreation Common Area. Members of the Security staff are also trained in emergency procedures for the protection of those on Hollister Ranch.

The Committee System

Hollister Ranch Design Committee
This committee is mandated by the HROA CC&Rs, and is responsible for development oversight and is guided by the Design Committee Rules and the CC&Rs. The Design Committee consists of five members and three alternates appointed by the HROA Board of Directors. Three of the members are property owners and two are architects employed by the Association.

The Board of Directors appoints the following committees in an advisory capacity. The committee system provides an avenue for owners with special interests and expertise to offer their services to the Board. Any owner can volunteer to serve on any of the committees below:

Hollister Ranch RealtyConservancy Advisory Committee
A growing institution that is tasked with the protection and preservation of the flora and fauna within the Hollister Ranch.  This committee works closely with the Design Committee and the Hollister Ranch (Cattle) Cooperative to ensure that the unique natural environment found at the Ranch will be maintained for the benefit of future generations.

Finance Advisory Committee 
Historically, this committee has worked with the ranch manager and the Board of Directors in the preparation of the annual budget. The FAC has also provided ongoing oversight of expenditures. In addition, the committee anticipates and projects outlays that may have not been previously anticipated.

Beach Use and Rules Advisory Committee
When activities within the Common Areas of Hollister Ranch require attention, the BURC provides suggestions to the Board of Directors with regard to possible courses of action.

Roads Advisory Committee
This committee reviews the status of the 125 miles of common paved, gravel and dirt roads serving Hollister Ranch. Recommendations regarding road policy are forwarded to the Board of Directors.

Watershed Stewardship and Rangeland Enhancement Committee
The natural environment at Hollister Ranch is enhanced with the cattle grazing that takes place on the 136 parcels. This committee reviews and researches techniques that can be used to further ensure the health of the landscape.

Other Committees
Other committees include the Hollister House Committee and the Special Events Planning Committee. From time to time the Board of Directors may constitute special committees consisting of interested owners to address specific matters that may arise.

Task Forces
The Board of Directors also appoints various task forces. Distinct from the above committees, a task force is an appointed body that addresses explicit topics and consists exclusively of individuals the board sees as particularly qualified to the specific assignment at hand.  Two ongoing task forces are worthy of mentioning, as they are particularly important to the effective governance of the Ranch.

Stewardship Task Force
This appointed group of owners works to enhance Hollister Ranch property interests and values and protect the privacy of all owners as well as protect the Ranch from outside challenges by developing mutually beneficial relationships with outside interests, improving the image of the Ranch and participating fully in the larger communities of which Hollister Ranch is a part.

Reserves Task Force
This task force reviews the reserve study, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to treatment of assets owned by the Association.