Outdoor Endeavors and Sports

Rich Schock and Fish
The unique recreational opportunities found along the 8.5 miles of ocean frontage at Hollister Ranch are the focus of most owners at Hollister Ranch. Three beach cabañas provide owners facilities such as hot showers, restrooms, B-B-Q pits, picnic tables and plenty of area to enjoy the natural and unique settings found at Drakes Beach, Bulito Beach and San Augustine Beach.

There is no doubt that the ocean-oriented activities are the most apparent. The renowned surfing is probably the best-known water sport at the Ranch. While growing in popularity everywhere, an uncrowded day can still be enjoyed at Hollister Ranch.

Other recreational activities enjoyed in the beach areas of the Ranch include fishing, swimming, tide-pooling, paddling, snorkeling, skin-diving, sailing, kite-surfing, sail-boarding, beach combing, shore-bird watching, beach-walking, horseback-riding and just plain relaxing in the sand. The limited Hollister Ranch population results in beaches that are pristine, environmentally intact and without pollution.

Beach Cabana Hollister RanchAfter spending some time at Hollister Ranch, many owners discover the abundance of wondrous experiences found away from the ocean. Each 100-acre parcel has its own assemblage of flora and fauna to discover and observe as the seasons change and weather varies. Owners discover and learn to appreciate the life forms that thrive on their property.

Beyond their own parcels, owners can enjoy all that Hollister Ranch has to offer by driving, mountain biking or hiking along portions of the 125 miles common road system throughout the Ranch. In this way one can experience the elfin forest found in the chaparral regions in the mountains or the oak and sycamore environments along the creek beds in the canyons. All of this can be enjoyed along the common road easement while respecting the private property of other parcel owners.

Unique Experiences
Rick and FishHomeowner residents are treated to experiences unknown to those most familiar with urban living. It is difficult to explain the wonder of watching the hunting practices and mating rituals of the raptors (most often Red-Tailed Hawks). Residents become familiar with Mule Deer bucks & does. Observing the social behavior of the raising of a fawn (sometimes twins) is a unique experience. Watching as a mother Bobcat teaches her young to hunt is at least as special. Hunting by humans is not permitted, so the entire food chain is in tact, and the interaction between the species is as natural as one can find as anywhere.

Watching the character of the landscape change is also a special treat for Hollister Ranch residents. The vegetation at Hollister Ranch displays dramatic changes throughout the year. Following the fall rains the range grass on the seasonally brown hillsides becomes a vibrant green. In the spring, as the grass goes to seed and begins to change color, an assemblage of dozens of types of wildflowers come and go in predictable succession. As the grass turns red - then brown – the springtime winds blowing across the fields and hillsides give the impression of an animal’s fur waving in the breeze.

Just within the lee of Point Conception, Hollister Ranch experiences its own, unique microclimate. The wind patterns are different from other California coastal locales. Air pollution is unheard of at the Ranch, and the evening skies are crystal clear. There is less summer coastal fog than along the rest of the coast.

Community Events
Owners can participate as much or as little as they wish in social interaction at the Ranch.  Most contact between owners takes place in the Beach Recreation Area either at one of the three cabañas or on the beach itself. From time to time social events are held at the Hollister House or at one of the three beach cabañas. At these get-togethers - such as Father’s Day brunches, art shows, Conservancy potlucks, the Hoedown, etc. – owners meet and establish relationships. Owners will occasionally host social functions at their parcels as well.

Hollister HouseOwners with a particular talent or special interest participate in the HROA committee system where their points of view can be expressed and taken into account by the Board of Directors. Committee meetings take place throughout the year, and the Board of Directors meets monthly. Every December the entire membership participates in the Annual Meeting where business takes place and a new Board of Directors is elected.

Hollister Ranch affords its owners the ability to enjoy coastal California as it was before overpopulation. Be it along the shoreline, in the canyons, foothills or mountains or at a neighbor’s home, the owners enjoy, preserve and protect an environment found nowhere else.