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  • About Hollister Ranch

    The rambling 14,000-acre Hollister Ranch is located behind 24 hour guarded gates on a working cattle ranch. Of all California land for sale, each of these exclusive 100-acre ocean view properties offer the ultimate in security, privacy and solitude. Three beach cabanas and 8 1/2 miles of private beach frontage are used exclusively by the owners of the 133 parcels within California's most unique ocean-front community.

    First subdivided into the 136 parcels in 1971 of at least 100-acres each, the property remains much the same as it was when owned by the Hollister family from the 1860s to the 1960s. Less than 2% of the Hollister Ranch is devoted to residential use. The remainder is a working cattle ranch (one of the four largest in Santa Barbara County) and is, in effect a wildlife preserve. There is no hunting, and motorcycles are prohibited.

    In order to preserve the natural beauty of the Ranch, public access is limited to managed groups such as the Hollister Ranch Tidepool School (for local elementary school children), the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, the Santa Barbara sea Center, et. The information on this site has been provided by Jeff Kruthers , a long-time resident of the Ranch with over fifty years of Hollister Ranch experience. As a past president of the Hollister Ranch Owners’ association as well as a past president of the Hollister Ranch (cattle) Cooperative, Jeff has extensive background knowledge of this amazing rural, coastal neighborhood. For information on how to purchase property at Hollister Ranch, please click for the Hollister Ranch Broker selling HR property since 1973.

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